About Our Business

Medisim Ltd. was founded in Israel in 1995 by a group of professionals in the fields of physics,
engineering and medicine. Combining their know-how into extensive multi discipline research, the
company invented a novel method for determining accurate core body temperature in a fast and non-
invasive way. This entirely new concept named R.A.T.E. ® (Rapid, Accurate,Temperature
Establishment) positioned Medisim as on of the leading sources for precise temperature
determination tools and created a new category - high-speed conductive thermometers for forehead
temperature measurement.

Aims and Goals:
Medisim continues to develop next generation thermometers and innovative applications and aims
to excel in three main areas;
  • Developing and manufacturing sophisticated medical dvices for the consumer healthcare
    market, while getting closer to its customers in the market place.
  • Advancing  R&D in the professional field, inventing new creative methods for accurate
    diagnosing of body temperature while saving time and money in the hospitals and clinics.
  • Medical applications based on temperature/heat transfer.
About Us
Medisim USA:
Medisim USA was established in 2008 in order to get closer to and better serve our US based
customer and consumer in order to help direct future developments.
World's Leader in Non-Invasive Thermometry