R.A.T.E. Technology
R.A.T.E – Rapid, Accurate, Temperature, Establishment
Conventional digital fever thermometers try to predict the final body temperature based on a few sample
data points as the thermometer probe absorbs heat from the body site where it is applied. In order to
shorten measurement time, manufacturers have to rely on fewer data points and thus trade off accuracy for

IR(infrared) thermometers, like ear thermometers, are very fast, and instantly read surface temperatures.
However, they need to use algorithms to convert the measured surface temperature to an equivalent body
temperature reference. The algorithms cannot be ideal for every user and the surfaces that are being
measured by the sensor can be affected by environmental factors that can also introduce errors in the
displayed results.

R.A.T.E. is unique and it is based upon fundamental laws of thermodynamics. The patented sensors
measure the heat flow from the body and through the sensors. Calculations are then performed on the data
developed over a brief time frame and the core body temperature is identified.