Medisim produces a range of highly accurate instant thermometers and monitoring
devices that determine core body temperature. These products include premium
fever thermometers for home use which measure temperature at the temple area,
under the arm, orally or rectally.

All Medisim products feature the patented R.A.T.E.TM technology to deliver Fast and
clinically accurate results
Medisim USA is the North American Division of Medisim Ltd, Israel
Medisim Introduces The Latest Advance In Fever Measurement
World's Leader in Non-Invasive Thermometry
Now available. The only digital thermometer that delivers
accurate results in just 2 second!
Get a 2 second reading in any mode; oral, rectal or
Many other thermometers  claim fast results, but the fine
print will reveal that the time claimed on the front of the
was the best that was achieved in clinical tests
in the rectal mode
, and that average results in the more
common mode like oral are much longer.
With Medisim's patented technology, you get the claimed
result IN ANY MODE.